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Duterte: Fighting the Proxy War of US and China

A repost from  Jun Avelino, a B.S. International Relations graduate, for us to THINK about the saddest reality in our country today.duterte-us-war-games.jpg

When you are a Foreign Service graduate, you are trained how to be prim and proper. Heads of States and their ambassadors are expected to be the epitome of decency when they speak with their counterparts. My professor once said, “When a diplomat says yes, he means perhaps; When he says perhaps, he means no; When he says no, he is not a good diplomat.” Being confrontational and too direct is a taboo in the culture of diplomacy. In the halls of UN and on a country’s diplomatic corps, diplomats and heads of states shake hands, embrace each other like brothers and sisters and their rhetoric is full of decency. Yet, at the back of their minds, they plan how to back-stab each other. Beyond the smiles is a deceitful plan of outdoing each other. They kill by the thousands, annihilate a race and destroy countries. Look at what happened in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Crimea, Ukraine, and many other countries at war with each other, and the brutal way of how they handle migration of people in Europe. The halls of the UN have become the meeting place of the real murderers who kill with no mercy behind their cover – diplomacy. This smacks of hypocrisy at its highest level.

When I read our country’s traditional diplomats lecturing Duterte on the art of diplomacy, I puked. And when Filipinos called him out for his foul mouth (psychopath) and not being “prim and proper”, I puked hard. For if we are to believe the decency that we see in the world of diplomacy, then we are living in a perfect world – the utopia of the Marxist-Leninist ideologues. But no, the whole world is in chaos because diplomacy has become the repository of lies, deceit, betrayal and murderous plans and those people in black suit whom you called prim and proper, talking peace in the halls of UN have blood on their hands. They are to be held responsible for the thousand deaths in different countries of the world and for all the wars and global inhumane displacements because of their hypocrisy. Duterte’s foul mouth is espousing that filthy smell of diplomatic hypocrisy. While some idiots in our country consider him a source of national shame, the world is curiously watching him beyond his harsh rhetoric. When Duterte announced that he is pursuing an independent foreign policy for the Philippines, he is actually declaring war – the proxy war between US and China that is happening in our country.

How do superpowers fight each other nowadays? No, they don’t invade each other militarily. They bring their war somewhere else because they want to protect their own people. They bring their war to another land to save their own. It’s a proxy war which can take many forms. The war in Syria albeit started by ISIS, has now become the war between US and Russia and the two have just suspended diplomatic ties. The Yemen war is supposed to be an internal conflict, but US and Iran’s hands are all over the place. The Afghanistan war is a war between US and Iran with the backing of Russia. Crimea’s dissent was instigated by Russia before it declared independence and prior to annexation by Russia. And it’s all because Georgia is pro America. The war in Ukraine is a showdown between Russia and the West. The Iraq war is a pre-emptive measure to prevent terrorists from bringing again the war in the American soil, and many more.

Post 9/11 era, Russia, China and Iran are launching proxy wars with US in different countries of the world which prompted US to strengthen its alliance with these countries. In the case of the Philippines, Duterte is fighting against that proxy war. First, he is cutting loose the grip of the US over our socio political system. For nearly a century now, US tacit influence over our government has been prevalent. Almost all our Presidents are associated with the US post EDSA revolution. Cory stayed in Boston for the duration of Ninoy’s exile. Ramos was a Westpointer military man. Arroyo had studied in the US and is a very good friend of his classmate, Bill Clinton. All of them never attempted to chart a different direction of our foreign policy, thereby strengthening further American influence thereon. Aside from Erap whose presidency was abbreviated by Edsa Dos, we only have Duterte who hails from Davao and refused to be associated with the West. His revolting posture against the west as exemplified on his refusal to be confrontational with China threatens American interest in the Asia Pacific – an act favorable to China which is watching Duterte’s foreign policy direction. But US cannot afford to lose Philippines on its grip due to its strategic location in neutralizing China in flexing its muscles further. By all means, they will not allow China to get control over the South China Sea. Hence, the need to get Duterte out of the equation. Has one ever wondered why De Lima’s statements on EJK reverberates around the world? It’s because US supports it; UN seconds it; and Europe is happy about it. Hence, it becomes a global issue instead of being just a domestic one. They helped the anti Duterte forces in discrediting the President internationally with the hope of convincing majority of Filipinos to go against their President. Recent survey shows that 8 out of 10 pinoys support Duterte; Only one is not, while the other one is undecided.

Given that massive support, America is now shifting its war to a different mode – the Low Intensity Conflict. US has been notorious in using this approach in 3rd world countries, particularly those whose leadership they do not control, e.g., Guatemala, Hondura, Nicaragua, El Salvador, etc. It seeks to polarize the country by supporting its opposition in constantly hammering the government until its leaders are replaced. What is crucially disturbing is the penetration of this approach in our media which has become the mouthpiece of the West’s propaganda against our government. Hence, even if their numbers are small, the issues are magnified. Duterte knows that he is fighting from within a giant monster that controls almost all facets of our lives for nearly a century now. Our US colonial mentality is still very much in control of our system. Some Filipinos have chosen to continue licking that filthy ass of Uncle Sam to date. On another front, we are under attack by China on the west Philippine sea row. Moreover, the magnitude of its business and products in our country is its approach of gaining influence in the social fabric of our lives, competing with that of America. And yes, including illegal drugs that flood their way into our shores from China. Although there is no proof that the entry of illegal drugs is state-sanctioned, the writings are on the wall. For our country to become a narco state will work in favor of China as they can now dictate the country’s leadership through the use of drug money. When Duterte expressed his anti west sentiments, it does not mean he is for China. Duterte’s position of pushing for an independent foreign policy is the only way to preserve our country’s existence – not by siding to either of the bully countries.

The on-going polarization of our country due to controversies besetting the Duterte government is therefore the resultant effect of the proxy war between US and China. Filipinos should see this instead of falling into the trap by fighting with each other over his foul mouth while the real culprits are watching with amusement from afar. We may not agree with Duterte in many respects, and for sure, he respects our democratic rights to disagree with him. But we have to be with him in his fight against this creeping proxy war that is happening in our land and gradually destroying our country.”

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Understanding Duterte’s Position on South China Sea vs. The Interest of the West

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Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte has caused a massive stir when he announced his bold path to pursue an independent foreign policy that will allow him to negotiate with China regarding the Philippine Sea dispute without any assistance from the western allies. In addition, Duterte wants to break away  from the US’ “carrot and stick” policy  toward the Philippines, causing anger and criticism from Filipinos and the international community alike.

However, the Philippine Sea and South China Sea area is actually more important to the US and Europe than to the Philippines. Lying in that vast body of water is an international waterway where US$5.3 Trillion  in global trade pass every year.


Geography matters and China intends to have physical possession of the South China Sea. China has expanded or built up from the sea floor seven islets and reefs in the Spratlys, in addition to having occupied the Paracel Islands, also claimed by Vietnam, and seizing control of Scarborough Shoal, claimed by the Philippines. In 2012, China moved to greatly expand Sansha City in the Paracels in order to provide administrative control over its activities in the South China Sea, bolstering its claim that the islands are an integrated part of mainland China. Most importantly, these build-ups allow naval and air patrols, cementing an economic and administrative claim with military presence.

If China controls the whole stretch of the waterway, including overflight thereon, global trade to Europe and US will become more expensive. The adverse impact of it to the west will be very costly. This explains why US and Europe were supportive of the Philippines and they were all urging China to respect the decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration favoring Philippines on our claim.

Perhaps the most concrete evidence of the U.S. intention to retain dominance in the Pacific is the initiative to position more equipment in Asia. Long used in Korea and Japan as a deterrent against North Korea, the U.S. Army “pre-positions” supplies and equipment in order to more quickly respond with deployments. It takes much longer to move brigades and divisions from the continental United States than to have people fall in on equipment only hundreds of miles, not thousands, from where it’s needed. Ostensibly limited to equipment that can be used in humanitarian relief missions, despite little Army involvement in Asian disasters, some plans have called for “heavy” brigades of equipment — tanks and artillery — to be pre-positioned also. These equipment sets are being considered for Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. Beyond reducing response times, this activity set will further cement security relationships.

New security agreements with Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam are meant to show the commitment of the United States to the region. All three countries have suffered from aggressive Chinese strategic maneuvering.

Duterte’s position on the issue however, is not subservient to the West. When he declared that he is pursuing an independent foreign policy, he is bent on negotiating with China directly instead of becoming confrontational as the West wants him to be. Duterte is aware that our court victory is an empty one for lack of enforcement mechanisms on the decision. Neither the US nor the west and even any of the UN instrumentality can help the Philippines enforce that decision. It solely relies on China’s recognition for which it has already repeatedly rejected.

If Philipines decide to confront China by force, which country will come to help us? The NATO military arsenal cannot be stretched to the South china sea because its forces are confined to Europe in an attempt to contain the Russian military flexing in Europe and mid-east. Germany will never come to aid the Philippines because of its trading relations with China. France will be a reluctant potential ally because of the external threats it has been facing. Great Britain will never send its military planes to the Philippines because it has been courting China for trading relations as an aftermath of the Brexit.

If the Philippine government use diplomacy, particularly by bringing the issue to the halls of the UN and asking the members to enjoin China into accepting the decision, we should take note of the fact that more than half of the countries in the UN are having trading relations with China for which they cannot afford to severe ties with, much less with ASEAN. What we see here is purely “politics among nations” at work and Philippines must be careful on its approach and for which Duterte has shown a great deal of expertise in terms of diplomatic maneuvering.

Given such scenario, we are left with US and Japan at our side to help us in our confrontation with China. However, America is heavily indebted to China and the level of its trading relations with China outweighs any possibility for any war between the two. But the more serious question which should bug us is this: Is US really a true ally in this conflict? When Duterte brought out the issue on Bud Dajo Massacre in 1906, he wanted the Filipinos to revisit our alliance with the US in the light of his intention to adopt an independent foreign policy.

During World War II in 1941, we fought side by side with America where we lost more than a million Filipino lives. It was never our war, yet we were invaded by Japan because America was with us. After the war, US government helped Japan in its reconstruction efforts financially and economically until it became the world’s second largest economy next to US until to date. What happened to the Philippines as an ally which gave up more than a million lives defending America? While a minuscule of assistance were given to us since World War II, these were handed out with strings attached and were designed to continue US interference in our internal affairs.

Image result for us assistance to philippines

Now, America and its allies in Europe want to use us again as a pawn to serve its economic and political interest in the South China Sea – to keep that international water way navigation-free. On the other hand, our main interest in the area is fishing right as well as exploiting the rich mineral resources underneath. From all indications, China is mainly interested in the control over that stretch of international waterway militarily as part of its hegemony over the region.

Duterte believes that by negotiating directly with China using the decision of the court as our leverage, we can get most of what we want. However, Duterte believes that we cannot successfully negotiate with China if we remain under the shadow of Uncle Sam. Hence, the need to project an independent image to convince China that we are negotiating with them in good faith sans any influence from the West. This left US and Europe in quandary on how to protect their interest over South China Sea with the revolting posture of Duterte. The only way is to get Duterte out and replace him with a pro west Philippine President.

This partly explains why the West is anti Duterte and all forces including traitors from our country are now in global conspiracy to get him out of the presidency by using all sorts of issues to discredit him, e.g. his foul mouth, extra judicial killings, hitler image, and many more to come. For all of us Filipinos, including Anti Duterte forces, the President has just expressed a long overdue rebuke on the US shabby treatment to our country as an ally in the Asia Pacific. He wants US and Europe to treat us well as co-equal. America owed our country big time based on historical accounts and Duterte wants US to realize that and pay our country even with interest. If US made Japan as the second largest economy in the world post world war II and after all the damage Japan has inflicted US and our land, why didn’t US help Philippines as much as Japan if our country is a true ally?

Filipinos should realize that there is more to the issues of extra judicial killing and the foul mouth of the President as systematically magnified by the West and their collaborators in our country, including both local and international media. We should “look at the forest, not just the trees”. The West wants Duterte out of the presidency for his anti-west sentiments and for his refusal to protect the interest of the west – that’s the crux of the matter and that’s what’s behind all these shenanigans. It’s a grand conspiracy to discredit him internationally because of the massive support he enjoys from our country’s masses. It’s a clear imperialistic design concocted by the West and swallowed hook line and sinker by political prostitutes and opportunists of this country to serve their selfish interests – a grave act of betrayal against the sovereignty of our country.

People should understand that the USA, much like many superpowers, act on self-interest and competition in market economy, and not on peace and morality. Besides, to these big fishes, chaos is profitable.

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What is web analytics, and does it all matter?

This article will give business owners the fundamental understanding of what is web analytics.

A lot of business owners are faced with the challenge of making sense of web analytics, thinking that driving traffic to your website is enough to deliver new business. Your website is like a bus and web analytics is the driver — you need to have one.

In reality, many businesses do not really know how to maximise the use their website traffic to drive leads and conversions. The website is built, the SEM campaigns are kicked off but then what happens next?

For modern business, a website can be the most crucial marketing platform that you have. Regardless of what type of advertising that you do, (radio, billboard, newsprint, TV, search, social) your website will generally outperform them all as they’re usually the first point of call for potential clients. They will want a single platform to check your products, services, your hours, your skills, expertise and other valuable information about you. When utilised properly, your website allows you to connect to your customers beyond simple conversations.


(photo credit: Chris McElroy via

So you have a website? Now what?

Web analytics measures basic and advanced metrics across your site; how many visitors, where they’re coming from, how long they’re staying, what they look at. It’s a means of measuring, collecting, analysing and reporting on Internet data for the purposes of understanding how a website is used by its audience and how to optimise its usage.

These are all valuable insights into how your website impacts upon your visitor. While having a wider understanding of the behaviour of your customers on your website, it is important to understand that business requirements and insights from web analytics is unique. A SaaS start-up may want to drive visitors to a sign-up form, while a publisher will probably want to measure time on page and similar engagement metrics. It’s important that you understand what metrics matters because this will give you the most relevant information in driving future marketing and business decisions.

If you can measure it, you can manage it.

Get the right people on the bus in the right seat and let web analytics drive each one to their destination.


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Online Shopping Fail! I was a victim of an online seller in Manila that has no regard for craftsmanship and customer service

I’ve been shopping online for as long as I could remember and I understand that there is always a risk when buying clothes online – sometimes the fabric feels and looks cheap, the color just doesn’t seem to match how it appeared on screen, or the fit could be far less flattering in real life than online. Or worse, all of the above.

I saw this account on Instagram with 13.5K followers, and lots of beautiful outfits that I rarely see in stores at the mall.


 I fell in love with this sexy jumpsuit but I wanted it in white because 90% of my clothes are black. There were a few likes on every post, not a lot of commenters and zero customer feedback. Looks sketchy but I decided to pursue with the transaction.


I messaged the seller through Viber, as instructed on her IG page, sent her this screenshot of the jumpsuit and messaged her the other details  (my measurements, name, address, IG account name) that she needs to make my dream outfit. I sent her back the photo of the bank transaction receipt to let her know that she can proceed with sewing my anticipated clubbing get up. I was a little excited.


 After 7 days, my jumpsuit arrived. I threw up in my mouth right when I took it out of the bag.


But I want to give it a second chance so i tried it on.  I was gutted.



aaEw eww!!


Ew eww ewww!!!


Not related to the article, I just want you to check out my suede Charles & Keith pumps with gold tips

It was the fugliest thing I’ve ever paid for in my entire life! You can see through the fabric, it’s a little yellow, the pads are misaligned as if whoever made this repulsive clothing did not even make an effort to align them and the measurements are all wrong. IT’S ALL WRONG! OH GOD WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS??? I wanted to burn it right there and then but I have nothing to burn it with except for my fury which, scientifically speaking, would not really set anything on fire.


After scampering around my small condo unit in an emotional tumult, I messaged the seller and told her my sentiments. She replied once and I never heard from her again. I checked her Instagram account but I was already BLOCKED. (The nerve!)

I want to return the item and get my money back but i figured she does not agree on that. Sucks for her because I could have referred her to an online casino that would make bulk orders if they liked her items.

Lesson learned. To Maria, here’s to scamming me and all the other people you have victimised:


I recently found out this woman changed her Instagram handle to catwalkbyvenus, dapperologymnl and dressmeup_01





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Design Better Ad Campaigns, Achieve Better ROI with Segmentation

Ads are everywhere but how can we get ahead in the fierce competition for customers’ eyes without compensating effort and budget?

Not all customers are the same, that is why the one-size-fits-all approach to marketing does not equate to better return of investments (ROI) for marketing departments. Knowing your customers and delivering a specific message directed to a target group is one of the most effective and cost-friendly strategies in achieving your business goals. But we never know where a consumer is going to be, what the consumer wants and which product characteristic the consumer needs at any point in time, so how do we do this?

Segmentation Defined

Segmentation is the division of a market’s customers into discrete groups along distinct commonalities, used to effectively identify and zoom in on customers’ characteristics and behaviors for the purpose of optimizing marketing ROI and customer retention.  Mind of Marketing blog site’s brief example of segmentation win-backs shows that it could be very tricky, however, doable. The process of properly clustering customers to achieve specific business objectives is complex and requires various data-driven analytic tools that are usually only provided by 360 data agencies. The goal-oriented process of segmentation, when done properly, could significantly help in improving your ROI by distinguishing your target customers.


Know Your Customer

According to Michael Savio, Head of Insights at Datalicious, segmentation allows entrepreneurs to learn much about their customers leading to a personalization of contacts. Personalization makes for a unique product offering for each customer based on their interests which could be used for future product suggestions. As enamored as we all are with big data, how can we funnel that down to what’s relevant and actionable?

How Datalicious Can Help

Datalicious, a global big data analytics agency, has the pleasure in filling that role by tapping into big customer data and using analytic strategies to help entrepreneurs come up with a proper context from gathered customer information so that you will not fall into false leads. Datalicious can refine gathered data and turn it into relevant insights that are actionable and usable, and help you design personalized campaigns which ultimately lead to customer loyalty.

If you are a new marketer, getting started with big data for segmentation would likely prove to be a daunting exercise. Dr. Frank Wyman enumerated the best practices and key trends in going about your segmentation in his research work. These listed practices tell us to take advantage of big data but in order to do so, you will need the proper platform that could handle the volume and variety of data. The expertise of Datalicious, rooted from decades of serving some of Australia’s biggest companies, could do this for you. Its capabilities to determine what is relevant and to determine the context of information could help you make better decisions for your business.