What is web analytics, and does it all matter?

This article will give business owners the fundamental understanding of what is web analytics.

A lot of business owners are faced with the challenge of making sense of web analytics, thinking that driving traffic to your website is enough to deliver new business. Your website is like a bus and web analytics is the driver — you need to have one.

In reality, many businesses do not really know how to maximise the use their website traffic to drive leads and conversions. The website is built, the SEM campaigns are kicked off but then what happens next?

For modern business, a website can be the most crucial marketing platform that you have. Regardless of what type of advertising that you do, (radio, billboard, newsprint, TV, search, social) your website will generally outperform them all as they’re usually the first point of call for potential clients. They will want a single platform to check your products, services, your hours, your skills, expertise and other valuable information about you. When utilised properly, your website allows you to connect to your customers beyond simple conversations.


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So you have a website? Now what?

Web analytics measures basic and advanced metrics across your site; how many visitors, where they’re coming from, how long they’re staying, what they look at. It’s a means of measuring, collecting, analysing and reporting on Internet data for the purposes of understanding how a website is used by its audience and how to optimise its usage.

These are all valuable insights into how your website impacts upon your visitor. While having a wider understanding of the behaviour of your customers on your website, it is important to understand that business requirements and insights from web analytics is unique. A SaaS start-up may want to drive visitors to a sign-up form, while a publisher will probably want to measure time on page and similar engagement metrics. It’s important that you understand what metrics matters because this will give you the most relevant information in driving future marketing and business decisions.

If you can measure it, you can manage it.

Get the right people on the bus in the right seat and let web analytics drive each one to their destination.


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Online Shopping Fail! I was a victim of an online seller in Manila that has no regard for craftsmanship and customer service

I’ve been shopping online for as long as I could remember and I understand that there is always a risk when buying clothes online – sometimes the fabric feels and looks cheap, the color just doesn’t seem to match how it appeared on screen, or the fit could be far less flattering in real life than online. Or worse, all of the above.

I saw this account on Instagram with 13.5K followers, and lots of beautiful outfits that I rarely see in stores at the mall.


 I fell in love with this sexy jumpsuit but I wanted it in white because 90% of my clothes are black. There were a few likes on every post, not a lot of commenters and zero customer feedback. Looks sketchy but I decided to pursue with the transaction.


I messaged the seller through Viber, as instructed on her IG page, sent her this screenshot of the jumpsuit and messaged her the other details  (my measurements, name, address, IG account name) that she needs to make my dream outfit. I sent her back the photo of the bank transaction receipt to let her know that she can proceed with sewing my anticipated clubbing get up. I was a little excited.


 After 7 days, my jumpsuit arrived. I threw up in my mouth right when I took it out of the bag.


But I want to give it a second chance so i tried it on.  I was gutted.



aaEw eww!!


Ew eww ewww!!!


Not related to the article, I just want you to check out my suede Charles & Keith pumps with gold tips

It was the fugliest thing I’ve ever paid for in my entire life! You can see through the fabric, it’s a little yellow, the pads are misaligned as if whoever made this repulsive clothing did not even make an effort to align them and the measurements are all wrong. IT’S ALL WRONG! OH GOD WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS??? I wanted to burn it right there and then but I have nothing to burn it with except for my fury which, scientifically speaking, would not really set anything on fire.


After scampering around my small condo unit in an emotional tumult, I messaged the seller and told her my sentiments. She replied once and I never heard from her again. I checked her Instagram account but I was already BLOCKED. (The nerve!)

I want to return the item and get my money back but i figured she does not agree on that. Sucks for her because I could have referred her to an online casino that would make bulk orders if they liked her items.

Lesson learned. To Maria, here’s to scamming me and all the other people you have victimised:


I recently found out this woman changed her Instagram handle to catwalkbyvenus, dapperologymnl and dressmeup_01