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30 Signs You’ve Been Backpacking in Southeast Asia

This is reminiscent of my backpacker friends that I met in Cambodia (missing that Angkor beer), Thailand (yes, we partied like crazy hobos in Koh Phi Phi and yup we did the fire skip rope), Indonesia and Malaysia

Heels In My Backpack

  1. You have an arm full of Friendship Bracelets
    • At first it’s a backpacker cliché you want to tick off. Then it becomes an addiction. I don’t just want that purple turtle bracelet, I NEED it.

Friendship Bracelets So Many Friendship Bracelets…


  1. You own a vest depicting the Local Beer
    • Choose your tribe wisely. Are you Chang or are you Singha?


Angkor Beer Angkor is also an option…

  1. You are not at all apprehensive about street food
    • No germaphobes here. Pad Thai for under a pound? Yeah buddy.


Street Food, Bangkok Street Food, Bangkok

  1. You have developed the ability to sleep literally anywhere
    • The hours and hours of overnight buses, boats, trains, etc, mean you can catch some Z’s anywhere. A friend of mine even managed to sleep in a restaurant…

Asleep in a Restaurant, Thailand Asleep in a Restaurant, Thailand


  1. 7-11 is heaven
    • Everything you could ever want resides under that neon green light. Snacks, magazines, toiletries… If…

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